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...I've been busy!
Mm... why is it so warm in January?? I think today was the warmest January day ever. The sun is really burning this season. We didn't even get any snow... but I'm not complaining about that(⌵_⌵')
First, an update about some dramas and movies I watched this week. So far, I have had good judgment and only picked movies and dramas that turned out really good☆ ( <--- a little bit pleased with herself )

They're mostly Japanese, since I'm trying to better my understanding of the language, and also because I simply prefer them ^‿~

Le'see... Movies....
  • My Rainy Days
This movie was really different from what I expected.
I thought it was going to be really depressing and almost too much for me to handle, so I don't know why I started watching it, but I'm glad I did. It's about a teenage girl who does paid dating, but she ends up falling in love with a guy who has a fatal illness. The ending is really bittersweet, and totally makes the whole movie worth watching over and over again. I love it~
  • Enchanted
This one was soooo cute! I thought I was gonna find it annoying and cliche, but it's really enjoyable and fun to watch. It brought back memories of watching Disney movies when I was a little girl. It made me wonder what Disney characters would look like as real people...... It'd be interesting to see Maleficent...... scary!!
  • Love Exposure
Actually... I lied about Love Exposure.... I've seen it 3 times. Yep, 3 times, and it's almost 4 hours long. That means I've spent half a day in my life only watching Love Exposure. It's that good. Watch it!
It definitely leaves an impression☆
Nishijima-san from AAA is in it, which is how I found it. I didn't expect to love it so much, but it really is a perfect movie for my taste. Arigatou gozaimasu, dramawiki!

Aaand... Dramas...
  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi
Awwww! I just adore this drama! I haven't read the manga but watching this certainly has me interested...... my favorite character is Nakatsu... I look up to his cheerful, easy-going personality and, actually, something rather embarrassing... I had a dream the other night in which Nakatsu-san had a special appearance... as my BFF. We went to the mall, and for some reason I thought he was gay or something because I had no trouble changing clothes and asking for his opinion on cute shirts and stuff. Then I realized he was cute and suddenly felt shy.... Eh...? But I knew he was cute before that! I don't understand the dream state.....
  • G no Arashi
A really amusing variety show hosted by Japanese band Arashi. Viewers who wish to have their support send them videos and ask for their help. They get some really crazy ones, but it's always amusing and/or touching. A super cute show. I like it when they mimick A no Arashi and do fun scientific experiments
You'll never feel bored with G-NO-ARA-SHIIIII!
  • Delicious Gakuin
Another piece of entertainment starring Nishijima-san.... and Atae-san! This is a really quirky, amusing show. And despite it's silliness I still learned a lot about cooking and different perspectives. It's only english-subbed up to the 6th episode, so I didn't get to finish it. I'm not fluent in Japanese so I can't feel satisfied watching it without subtitles. I don't like only understanding bits and pieces, so I'll have to wait until my Japanese is better or until the rest of the episodes have been subbed (maybe never?! aahh!)

Ahhh... so I've finally finished that section... now onto the real stuff!
Well, a few months ago a friendly abandoned cat showed up on our porch and decided it wanted to live there. We wanted to keep her but I already have a cat, and he really doesn't like other cats due his loud and uncontrolled superiority complex. So, I gave the abandoned cat a temporary name (Mischa) and we kept her for as long as we could, but it finally got to the point of where we really needed to find her a home. So we took her to the local animal shelter and found out something....

She... is a HE... a neutered boy cat. This was a shock of a lifetime, and I shouted, "SHE'S A GUY?!" which was really embarrassing and everyone laughed at me. Honestly, his meowing was so high-pitched, I thought it HAD to be a girl. Uhnnn....I've been calling a boy cat by a girl's name >_< I'm sorry!!! But I know he will find a home. He is super cute and cuddly, so there's no way he'll go unwanted. They took his picture, wrote down the basics,  and I had to fill out what basically amounted to....a personality quiz for cats. I tried my best to be honest and make it a good review.

  Ganbare, Neko-san♪

As for the next thing... I'm single now.
We decided we were better at being friends so it's totally fine☆
I don't even have much to say about it because it feels the same..... I think that's as close as you can get to a good break-up, ne? It definitely suits me. I'm a girly girl but not a romance-and-relationships type person. I've always been one to go for bigger dreams and friendship rather than romance. Maybe someday that will change but it's okay with me if it doesn't.
I'm happy either way♥

Lastly... My left hand won't stop shaking... I've recently decided to quit drinking caffeine altogether so I guess maybe this is a side-effect? What a bad habit!!

Please take care... especially if it's cold! I'm happy there's no snow here, but I know it's a lot colder in many other places, so bundle up and drink something hot, yes?



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