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2011-02-10 10:41 pm
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walk, walk, stand, sleep, walk, walk, stand, sleep, EEEYAAA!

I needed to shout a little bit since the room I'm in is so quiet. (>_<)
Seriously! There's no music or anything!! It feels like being lost in an unfamiliar place.
But the thing is... I'm at home (laughs)
Why is it so quiet then?!
Well, it's because my music player broke. Yep yep. I'm without a music player for the next few days until the new one gets here.
I know, I know, "Play music on the computer or go on youtube or something!"
But... sad to say, I've spoiled myself. I only want to listen to the finest quality with my headphones and the personal familiarity I can get from my own little music player. I like how it feels in my pocket, I like being able to drown out all other sounds, and I like being able to easily switch songs with the touch of a button. I guess technology really makes a person lazy.

Well... I've missed blogging. I feel like I haven't typed in a long time but it's really only been a couple of weeks hasn't it? Has it been longer?? I don't even know anymore! I could look up my previous post and find the date, but.... I am the aforementioned lazy person.

I went to a concert on the 4th (I think it was the 4th anyway) with my friends. And who also tagged along, well, we aren't dating anymore, but I still think of my "ex boyfriend" as a friend. We still get along good, so I can be happy in that regard, ne (^_^)
It was the first concert for both of us, so we got to experience something new together. It wasn't my type of music at all, but it was good just to be there and experience the atmosphere. I almost got pulled into a mosh pit, but I managed to escape just in time... a person of my short stature should know how to avoid getting stuck in huge crowds of people throwing punches around!!

Apart from that, I've been working a lot. I don't have a "real" job but I guess you could say I'm the "helper" that everybody likes to contact when they need something. But, I don't do everything for free when it's real work and not just a favor...  I guess you could call it a job in some respects... work and get paid... that's what a job is, right?

My feet are so tired from not getting much rest that it hurts to actually rest them!! I have to console them and try to coerce them into a decision, do you want to rest or don't you? Sometimes it feels nicer to stand even if I've been walking all day long. My arms feel like that too. And my face.... from so much laughing.... I think I smile too much....

Bed timeee (^_^)
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2011-01-22 06:56 pm

Maybe a lot of words, but....

...I've been busy!
Mm... why is it so warm in January?? I think today was the warmest January day ever. The sun is really burning this season. We didn't even get any snow... but I'm not complaining about that(⌵_⌵')
First, an update about some dramas and movies I watched this week. So far, I have had good judgment and only picked movies and dramas that turned out really good☆ ( <--- a little bit pleased with herself )

They're mostly Japanese, since I'm trying to better my understanding of the language, and also because I simply prefer them ^‿~

Ahhh... so I've finally finished that section... now onto the real stuff!
Well, a few months ago a friendly abandoned cat showed up on our porch and decided it wanted to live there. We wanted to keep her but I already have a cat, and he really doesn't like other cats due his loud and uncontrolled superiority complex. So, I gave the abandoned cat a temporary name (Mischa) and we kept her for as long as we could, but it finally got to the point of where we really needed to find her a home. So we took her to the local animal shelter and found out something....

She... is a HE... a neutered boy cat. This was a shock of a lifetime, and I shouted, "SHE'S A GUY?!" which was really embarrassing and everyone laughed at me. Honestly, his meowing was so high-pitched, I thought it HAD to be a girl. Uhnnn....I've been calling a boy cat by a girl's name >_< I'm sorry!!! But I know he will find a home. He is super cute and cuddly, so there's no way he'll go unwanted. They took his picture, wrote down the basics,  and I had to fill out what basically amounted to....a personality quiz for cats. I tried my best to be honest and make it a good review.

  Ganbare, Neko-san♪

As for the next thing... I'm single now.
We decided we were better at being friends so it's totally fine☆
I don't even have much to say about it because it feels the same..... I think that's as close as you can get to a good break-up, ne? It definitely suits me. I'm a girly girl but not a romance-and-relationships type person. I've always been one to go for bigger dreams and friendship rather than romance. Maybe someday that will change but it's okay with me if it doesn't.
I'm happy either way♥

Lastly... My left hand won't stop shaking... I've recently decided to quit drinking caffeine altogether so I guess maybe this is a side-effect? What a bad habit!!

Please take care... especially if it's cold! I'm happy there's no snow here, but I know it's a lot colder in many other places, so bundle up and drink something hot, yes?

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2011-01-10 05:28 pm

⋆ clumsiness rears its ugly head! ⋆

This is Captain Clumsy reporting for duty.
Allow me to tell you about my day so far... and all the shoes, shoes, shoes! I think, after today, I've decided I really don't like shoes. In fact, I don't think they like me much either. (laugh)
I woke up at an ungodly hour after going to sleep at 6 in the morning today... so naturally all the sunlight shining right on my face made me very groggy... my body is not used to sleeping so late into the day...
That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!
Okay, so, you know how clumsy people fall a lot? Despite my head being 70% full of air, I usually manage to avoid such incidents... until today, that is, when my shoes decided to make their dreaded appearance... all over the house.
I don't know how they got there but I'm guessing my dear ol' kitty thought they would make a great play-mate. At my expense!!!
I tripped, not once, not twice, not even three times, but four times just on my way to the kitchen! To make this picture more complete, the kitchen is about 6 feet from where I sleep. Four times in six feet!
Is that clumsy or what? What's worse is that the shoes were all bright colors, totally contrasting with the floor, so I shoulda seen it coming. But somehow it managed to slip by me...
And then there was the moment when my cat jumped out of my rainboot and scared the living daylights out of me... I made a face like this(◎_◎⌕)
And ran screaming back to the shoeless safety of my pillows and blankets.

Well, I have been sick lately, so I guess I could blame it on being delirious (laugh)
Maybe I was having an attack of dizziness and not ditsyness...

I'm going to talk about One Piece and a visit with a friend, so I'm putting it under a cut to keep this entry looking nice and not epically long.. ^_^

gomu gomu no photograph! )

I wish everyone the very best in love, luck, health and fortune! I will go make dinner now...

Captain Clumsy

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2010-12-30 08:26 am


It's now 8 o'clock in the morning...
A new day! A victory for Winter... (⁌^⌵^⁍)
Today marks the coldest day of Oregon's year so far and of course I'm going to take a walk outside when it's a little brighter. I have to walk to the store to get food for Oliver, my cat >*+*<
Sometimes, he eats so fast it's like I didn't even put food in his bowl yet. I don't think he bothers to chew it, he just inhales it like oxygen, it's amazing he's not as big and round as a beach ball☆
But I take care not to overfeed him.

Oh, speaking of cats, I was watching season two of Sabrina the Teenage Witch this week.
It's one of my favorite shows from my childhood. It's charming (literally!) and funny, especially Salem the talking cat. Watching it, I started to wonder what Oliver would be like if he could talk to people... maybe like Garfield? Or Heathcliff? Ah, I think he'd be more like Cartman from South Park (haha)

I definitely think he'd have a dry sense of humor, maybe sarcastic and a bit mischievous?
He talks a lot in his cat language to everyone, so I think he'd have a lot to say. Ahh, maybe he'd be the annoying type that never stopped talking even when it was inappropriate? Maybe he better just stay a normal cat... not that he has a choice... (^‿^)

He always wants food, and he is full of energy at the same time, so he doesn't nap like a cat should. He is still like a kitten. I love him for that ()
Sometimes, I call him Peter Pan to tease him.

Well, the things I ordered before Christmas have finally started to arrive. It's taken almost 3 weeks to get here, so it's a good thing I am patient. Still, every day I wait for the mailman wondering if he will have a package with my name on it. I try not to get too disappointed when I have to wait another day (♉_♉)

Ahh, it's hard to manage such excitement! ♪

I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy.
Let's hope I don't catch a cold today on my walk.. I'm such a weakling!!

Enough of the emoticon abusing...
(it's hard not to use them all the time to express oneself in words... I'm even tempted to use one right now!)


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2010-12-24 03:03 am

I'm so excited!!

Christmas is so very soon! I think this is the first time I've been excited about Christmas in about 9 years. Well, it's still a small Christmas, but that's okay, right? As long as the holiday has spirit, that's what matters the most! (^‿^)
I want to post some pictures of the things I got with my xmas money. But first... I'm so excited! I found out a couple of weeks ago that two of my best friends are getting married. Well, earlier tonight, the proposal happened! I really started to cry tears of happiness! The groom's name is John and the bride is Courtney. I've known John since I was 11 years-old. I can't believe how much time has passed! It makes me so nostalgic to think about how much we've all grown (though I think I've only grown in the physical sense... ^_^')
The wedding is in July. I can't wait! I'm going to take sooo many pictures! My hair is currently pink so I'm going to have to ask if I should do the polite thing and dye it (or wear a wig) for the ceremony.
Ah! I just can't believe it! Married! My best friends! ♫
I wish them the best of luck, fortune, love and happiness☆

Well, I haven't written about him before, but my boyfriend is really a romantic at heart. Really spontaneous... so I'm a little nervous >_< I hope he doesn't propose to me soon just because my friends are getting married. Truthfully, I'm not really "built" for a romantic relationship, but he insists on being with me despite that, so I hope he understands if I have to tell him I'm not ready for that kind of event.
But I think it will be fine

OK! I've already written a lot so I will now move on to the pictures. I got these with a theme in mind: performer! For reference, my hair is a bubblegum pink color, so I was trying to find good clothes for that☆

I got 2 dresses♡

I got this dress to go with the vest (below)

A vest

flashy, ne☆

sequin fingerless gloves

a matching headband

Bond Girl perfume by Avon
This is my faaavorite fragrance!

So that's what I got with most of my money. The rest of it I spent on gifts for others. Normally I'd spend more on others than myself, but since I've been buying gifts for people a lot this year, I decided it was okay to indulge myself and get some of the things I've really wanted ^_^
For my boyfriend I got L: Change the World (since I know he's been wanting it) and also a t-Shirt with Final Fantasy's Kefka on it. He goes crazy for Kefka... maybe I should be concerned (lol)

Okay that's it! A reeeally long post! But I'm too excited to edit anything!
I wish everyone the very best Christmas possible! 
Don't forget to treat Santa to tasty cookies and refreshing milk☆


P.S. Sorry for so many stars! There are stars in my eyes! I can't help it >_<

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2010-12-13 10:44 pm

I just finished watching AAA's Heart to ❤ tour... wow! Misako is getting more risque every second, and Nissy is even cuter than usual ^‿^ Everyone is! My favorite part (of any concert ever) was the Bar Heartful setup. Chiaki is sooo cute! And Shuuta - wow! He's really putting himself out there and becoming one of my favorites. His performance in this was incredible! Yay Shuuta!
Good job AAA ♪

I hope everyone's December has been good! Keep warm and don't get sick... especially on Christmas! I want to share a bit of trivia about my dad. Now, usually we don't celebrate Christmas because it's just me and him and he's a Grinch about holidays. But I took it into my hands this year to go out and buy one of those fake mini trees to inspire some of that holiday spirit. It's gold and really pretty especially when the lights are on☆

When he saw it, he didn't tease me, instead he apologized for not getting a real tree! I felt quite overwhelmed with emotion in that moment. It makes me think he's not really a Grinch at all but feels confused about how to make Christmas enjoyable. Which brings me to say this!

Remember Christmas is not about money or expensive gifts...
it's about reflecting on how special our friends and family are and how much they make life worth living! Without them, we'd be totally alone, and sometimes it's easy to take love for granted, so Christmas is a good time to show how much you appreciate everything.

Take care, stay warm and healthy, and let love shine! It especially makes up for Winter's lack of sunshine☼


I think streets are so pretty after rainfall ☂♪
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2010-12-08 07:30 am

Ouch ●⁔●

I'm becoming very clumsy. Yesterday, while cooking, I burned the tips of every single one of my fingers. The index finger on my left hand is the most injured... I burned off the whole fingerprint! I must be very shallow though because the first thing I noticed was how pale the burns made my skin and I was wishing there was a safe way to make the rest of me that pale, too. I like all skin colors, but on me I especially prefer a ghostly pallor. A tan doesn't suit me...
In fact I carry a parasol on sunny days if I'm not doing activities and just go out to walk around
My dad is devouring the cupcakes I made which makes me feel a little pleased (^◡^)
When my friends visit it's often just after I've baked something. I'm onto you guys!!
So since I couldn't really do anything with my injured hands, I spent most of the night watching a Japanese drama called Tumbling. It was great! I was moved to tears in many scenes. I'll definitely watch it again. I'm not used to Nishi looking so glum and distant... but he pulls it off so well. I'm glad he became an actor. All of the actors were amazing and believable! It was easy to see that the actors had a lot of chemistry with each other and did their best to demonstrate it on-screen.
All right, it's starting to hurt to type again, so I'm going to end this ... have a good morning!

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2010-12-06 09:46 pm

(no subject)


I decided not to make Christmas cupcakes out of the strawberry batch. Instead I made regular cupcakes. They're good, but I prefer vanilla. Strawberry isn't my favorite flavor! And I don't like chocolate, so vanilla is best.
They were so nice and moist... if only I could get cakes to cook properly in my oven too! They have this mysterious problem of not wanting to cook in the middle, no matter what I do to try and fix it, it always turns out the same. I've looked up all kinds of advice only to be disappointed... but I will persist until I am sapped of all motivation! Yeah!

If any random lurking reader who knows how to bake has advice, don't be a stranger and share your wisdom with me? I will be most grateful for any help.

Kind of a pointless entry, but I'll be honest and say I just felt like writing something. Even if I haven't much to say, I still get that urge to sit down and write. It really clears my head and puts my thoughts in order. It's a calming experience, sitting down with a cup of sweet coffee, wrapped in a blanket, making a note of even the most uneventful of days. I want to remember as much as possible, even the days
I may someday take for granted.

I hope you don't mind if I post a picture.. I felt like it today ^_^

♪ frosting ♪

Made with love!
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2010-12-05 08:53 am
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Cupcakes and Silliness

I've been looking up baking inspiration and I found this!

pretty huh? and ♪ delicious ♪
I want to make these, or something similar. It's such a clever idea!
But I think I will have to make something different first since the baking
supplies I bought are for strawberry cupcakes, so my search for randomly pink
Christmas cupcakes shall continue! I may just have to think up my
own design instead of relying on others. My imagination is so lazy lately.
I feel like a sloth thanks to the cold weather, but I will not let it defeat me!
now to create some virtual playmates...
(>*=*>) (<*=*<)
(<*=*<) (>*=*>)
(^*=*^) (^*~*^)

a dancing duo ^^
are they dancing to kuchibiru kara romanchika?
i think the one on the right looks queasy in the end
don't do too much dancing in the freezing cold!
>--(      )--<
(  _  )
a snowman ^^

       \ _ / +
    -- ( _ ) --
+ /   \
                  >--(         )--<
                (  ___  )
ahh! he's melting! 
well, he will be when spring arrives...

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2010-12-01 08:18 am

Happy December...

It’s been a cold year, so it snowed a bit in November… which means it’ll probably snow a lot this month and January! I don’t really like snow… it’s cold and makes it difficult to go anywhere. On the other hand, though, it’s really pretty to watch when you’re inside with a cup of hot chocolate (or coffee) and a heart-warming book. Because warmth is needed when the surroundings are so cold, I like to read and watch comedies, play games, and bake sweets. I made cupcakes designed to resemble snowmen last month so maybe I will do something for the Christmas season too ^^
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2010-12-01 05:52 am
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Writer's Block: You're my best friend

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Awww, this is a cute one, I couldn't resist! I moved to Oregon from California when I was 10 years old, which meant starting a new school with new people. It was amazing how quickly I made myself part of a group, and we became very close very quickly. We were glued to the hip during school hours and no one expected anything less of us. The most outstanding in my memories is David, because he lived - and in fact still lives - only a block away from me. We spent all summer together, and I had a bit of a crush on him, and I know he liked me too, but we insisted there was no such thing whenever someone would poke and tease us. We would spend hours walking around town, visiting each other's home, sharing everything. I remember one weekend going with David and his older brother to the school to play around and David was just amazed at how he and I shared the same favorite color. It's silly, but that small detail pleasing him so much made me feel really happy then and I remember trying to act all nonchalant about it.

The last time we spent so much time together was the summer before our first year at Middle School. David and I were going to different schools, so after school started, we stopped seeing each other so much. I am someone who succumbs easily to loneliness and having lost my group (one other close friend - Deja - moved also), I got caught into a phase of solitude and apathy, something which is still sometimes with me today even though I have found friendship and happiness in others. They're in college now and I have spoken to them on occasion throughout the years, but it's been few and far between, and definitely not with the same atmosphere we had when we were kids, which is something to be expected. I still talk to one of them frequently, and his name is John. Although he lives in Newberg, he visits me whenever he can and he is someone I definitely want in my life for always. I met Jessica after Deja and David were no longer there, and she is my closest friend today. For the past 8 years, even with 6-month intervals of no contact at times, she hasn't forgotten me and has treated me like family. Although I still crave a group setting sometimes, I am no less thankful for the people who have accepted and adored me throughout my life and I wish my childhood and present friends the best in happiness, love and fortune. I know they will make the most of themselves and that's what counts. I'm thankful for the memories they helped to create in me and I'm content with knowing they will always have a place in my heart and mind.