It's now 8 o'clock in the morning...
A new day! A victory for Winter... (⁌^⌵^⁍)
Today marks the coldest day of Oregon's year so far and of course I'm going to take a walk outside when it's a little brighter. I have to walk to the store to get food for Oliver, my cat >*+*<
Sometimes, he eats so fast it's like I didn't even put food in his bowl yet. I don't think he bothers to chew it, he just inhales it like oxygen, it's amazing he's not as big and round as a beach ball☆
But I take care not to overfeed him.

Oh, speaking of cats, I was watching season two of Sabrina the Teenage Witch this week.
It's one of my favorite shows from my childhood. It's charming (literally!) and funny, especially Salem the talking cat. Watching it, I started to wonder what Oliver would be like if he could talk to people... maybe like Garfield? Or Heathcliff? Ah, I think he'd be more like Cartman from South Park (haha)

I definitely think he'd have a dry sense of humor, maybe sarcastic and a bit mischievous?
He talks a lot in his cat language to everyone, so I think he'd have a lot to say. Ahh, maybe he'd be the annoying type that never stopped talking even when it was inappropriate? Maybe he better just stay a normal cat... not that he has a choice... (^‿^)

He always wants food, and he is full of energy at the same time, so he doesn't nap like a cat should. He is still like a kitten. I love him for that ()
Sometimes, I call him Peter Pan to tease him.

Well, the things I ordered before Christmas have finally started to arrive. It's taken almost 3 weeks to get here, so it's a good thing I am patient. Still, every day I wait for the mailman wondering if he will have a package with my name on it. I try not to get too disappointed when I have to wait another day (♉_♉)

Ahh, it's hard to manage such excitement! ♪

I hope everyone is staying warm and healthy.
Let's hope I don't catch a cold today on my walk.. I'm such a weakling!!

Enough of the emoticon abusing...
(it's hard not to use them all the time to express oneself in words... I'm even tempted to use one right now!)




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