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2011-02-10 10:41 pm
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I needed to shout a little bit since the room I'm in is so quiet. (>_<)
Seriously! There's no music or anything!! It feels like being lost in an unfamiliar place.
But the thing is... I'm at home (laughs)
Why is it so quiet then?!
Well, it's because my music player broke. Yep yep. I'm without a music player for the next few days until the new one gets here.
I know, I know, "Play music on the computer or go on youtube or something!"
But... sad to say, I've spoiled myself. I only want to listen to the finest quality with my headphones and the personal familiarity I can get from my own little music player. I like how it feels in my pocket, I like being able to drown out all other sounds, and I like being able to easily switch songs with the touch of a button. I guess technology really makes a person lazy.

Well... I've missed blogging. I feel like I haven't typed in a long time but it's really only been a couple of weeks hasn't it? Has it been longer?? I don't even know anymore! I could look up my previous post and find the date, but.... I am the aforementioned lazy person.

I went to a concert on the 4th (I think it was the 4th anyway) with my friends. And who also tagged along, well, we aren't dating anymore, but I still think of my "ex boyfriend" as a friend. We still get along good, so I can be happy in that regard, ne (^_^)
It was the first concert for both of us, so we got to experience something new together. It wasn't my type of music at all, but it was good just to be there and experience the atmosphere. I almost got pulled into a mosh pit, but I managed to escape just in time... a person of my short stature should know how to avoid getting stuck in huge crowds of people throwing punches around!!

Apart from that, I've been working a lot. I don't have a "real" job but I guess you could say I'm the "helper" that everybody likes to contact when they need something. But, I don't do everything for free when it's real work and not just a favor...  I guess you could call it a job in some respects... work and get paid... that's what a job is, right?

My feet are so tired from not getting much rest that it hurts to actually rest them!! I have to console them and try to coerce them into a decision, do you want to rest or don't you? Sometimes it feels nicer to stand even if I've been walking all day long. My arms feel like that too. And my face.... from so much laughing.... I think I smile too much....

Bed timeee (^_^)
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2011-01-22 06:56 pm

Maybe a lot of words, but....

...I've been busy!
Mm... why is it so warm in January?? I think today was the warmest January day ever. The sun is really burning this season. We didn't even get any snow... but I'm not complaining about that(⌵_⌵')
First, an update about some dramas and movies I watched this week. So far, I have had good judgment and only picked movies and dramas that turned out really good☆ ( <--- a little bit pleased with herself )

They're mostly Japanese, since I'm trying to better my understanding of the language, and also because I simply prefer them ^‿~

Ahhh... so I've finally finished that section... now onto the real stuff!
Well, a few months ago a friendly abandoned cat showed up on our porch and decided it wanted to live there. We wanted to keep her but I already have a cat, and he really doesn't like other cats due his loud and uncontrolled superiority complex. So, I gave the abandoned cat a temporary name (Mischa) and we kept her for as long as we could, but it finally got to the point of where we really needed to find her a home. So we took her to the local animal shelter and found out something....

She... is a HE... a neutered boy cat. This was a shock of a lifetime, and I shouted, "SHE'S A GUY?!" which was really embarrassing and everyone laughed at me. Honestly, his meowing was so high-pitched, I thought it HAD to be a girl. Uhnnn....I've been calling a boy cat by a girl's name >_< I'm sorry!!! But I know he will find a home. He is super cute and cuddly, so there's no way he'll go unwanted. They took his picture, wrote down the basics,  and I had to fill out what basically amounted to....a personality quiz for cats. I tried my best to be honest and make it a good review.

  Ganbare, Neko-san♪

As for the next thing... I'm single now.
We decided we were better at being friends so it's totally fine☆
I don't even have much to say about it because it feels the same..... I think that's as close as you can get to a good break-up, ne? It definitely suits me. I'm a girly girl but not a romance-and-relationships type person. I've always been one to go for bigger dreams and friendship rather than romance. Maybe someday that will change but it's okay with me if it doesn't.
I'm happy either way♥

Lastly... My left hand won't stop shaking... I've recently decided to quit drinking caffeine altogether so I guess maybe this is a side-effect? What a bad habit!!

Please take care... especially if it's cold! I'm happy there's no snow here, but I know it's a lot colder in many other places, so bundle up and drink something hot, yes?